Sunday, August 13, 2017

Architecture for realtime application projects

Do you have any of the following question in mind?

  • How to architecture a realtime-heavy websockets-based web application?
  • Architecture of real-time web applications?
  • What framework should I use for real time web app?

The architecture in simple few steps
  1. From server to client and vice versa communication use webfirmframework
  2. For a messaging system which collects messages from various sources and deliver to its consumers: go for Kafka
  3. For saving the messages in a db, use redis
Now, how are they connected each other
  1. webfirmframework is a java realtime web application framework which can send ui updates from server to client without any trigger from client. So the Kafka will be communicating with webfirmframework to push the messages to the ui.
  2. Kafka will receive messages from various sources including from the end users interacting with webfirmframework ui.
  3. redis may be used to save all of the messages for a backup.

Add your comments to explain more in detail...

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